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Angelique the Marquise of the Angels - Anne Golon

It's the most infamous tower in Paris's history - and were it not for a certain Mr. Eiffel, it would also be the city's most famous. The Tower of Nesle (pronounced 'Nell') provides a perfectly grim and imposing backdrop in the Angelique Books Series, when Angélique finds herself cast on the scrapheap that is the Court of Miracles. Just about every location in the whole Angélique story is real, and the Tower of Nesle is no exception, though it was demolished some 350 years ago. It was built in about 1200 and was originally named after a provost of Paris, Philippe Hamelin, forming an important part of the city wall constructed by Philippe-Auguste, then King of France. Details are still being clarified, but the way now seems clear for Anne to re-publish the books and publish previously unpublished works - and be assured of income from sales. If you are weak on historical romances, the Bovada Casino will intrigue you with the finest collection of history-themed slots games. Claim the no deposit offer of $199 and meet some of the most prominent slots games inspired by history and romance novels.

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Angelique Book Collection

Anne Serge Golon Angelique - A Life Full of Adventure

The real-life adventures of Anne and Serge Golon are almost as exciting as those of their heroine, the titular character in the Angelique Book Collections - and could make a bestselling story in their own right. And they have all the same elements that made Angélique's story such a hit with readers. That two such remarkable people should be attracted to each other is not surprising, but the fact that they found each other is. The paths of the attractive Frenchwoman and the charming man who was born in Persia would finally cross in Africa, but both had already tasted adventure long before they met. Anne was born in December 1921 in the southern France port of Toulon, where her father, a captain in the French navy, was posted. She was christened Simone Changeux, but the world would come to know her as Anne – actually the last and most famous of several pen names she has used during her career. Her father, as Anne later recalled, “was crazy about the new motor planes and all kinds of machines which would increase the potential of the French army. He was also a scientist and an explorer whose main interest became saving pilots’ lives by publishing a book of aerial drawings”. Sadly, the French military was less than enthusiastic about his book and was unwilling to pay for the job of coloring the black-and-white maps. The solution was to entrust the work to little Simone – still only ten years old – and she painted more than 500 books. Are you inspired by the intricate and exciting world of Angeline's books? Claim a bonus from the casino site BonusBeaver.com, select from hundreds of thrilling casino slots, and have an adventure of your own playing the most compelling casino games.

Locations in Angelique Books by Anne Golon

Angelique and the King Book

The story of the World of Angélique takes its readers to three main geographical areas, beginning with France - centered mostly on the western province of Poitou, the Palace of Versailles, the outskirts of Paris and the city itself.

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I am truly my mother’s daughter – and I thank her for introducing Angélique to me.She discovered Angélique through the movies. She was 12 and went to the cinema every weekend.

Jana Kratka

Czech Republic

On reading the stories of other Angélique readers on this website, I realised how similar my own experiences were to theirs. For example, an Angélique book was a regular accompaniment to my sixth form general studies classes.

Carol Jennings


I know you must get lots of e-mails from lots of people, but I might surprise you when I tell you my age… I was 11 years old when I started reading the books in April 2001 and by May 2001 I had read 1-9.

Dana-Lynn Steele

New York, USA
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