Angélique: The Road to Versailles

Angélique: The Road To Versailles is set in the streets of Paris where our heroine finds herself down on her luck and bent on revenge.

She discovers an ally in a childhood friend and after struggling through difficult times, stands on the threshold of self-sufficiency and respectability when disaster strikes.

Angélique overcomes the situation by exposing a series of noblemen, falling short of incriminating the king’s brother – an act which earns her favour at court. At last she prospers, but is still determined to restore her sons’ noble heritage.

Unwelcome at court because of her supposed common origins, she looks for a suitable alliance and is faced with one of her greatest challenges – can she overcome the vicious brute to whom she is forced to turn, or will he destroy her?

The book includes a wealth of descriptions which bring to life the contrasting settings of the rough streets of the French capital and its lavish court.

One of the settings is the famous Pont-Neuf in Paris, with its statue of Henri IV on horseback.

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