The Temptation of Angélique

The Temptation of Angélique is the third book telling of our heroine’s adventures in the New World.

Published in 1966 in two parts, its main theme is Angélique’s romantic encounter with the renegade Gold Beard and its repercussions – hence the book’s title.

As with all the other Angélique books, however, there are plenty of other sub-plots to keep the reader guessing.

Angélique is separated from Joffrey by the scheming of Sebastien d’Orgeval, the Jesuit mastermind, and finds herself caught in the hostilities between the Indians and their English enemies. She eventually heads for home and another reunion with Joffrey, but after coming close to a watery death, she comes under the power of another Jesuit priest.

Angélique survives, but only to find Joffrey angry and ready for a deadly duel with Gold Beard…

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