Angélique in Love

The sixth book followed very quickly after the fifth, being published in the same year, 1962. But in terms of the overall series of Anne Golon’s stories, Angélique in Love represents an important watershed.

This is the book in which Angélique heads for the new lands of America for the first time. Her adventures, however, are naturally far from over. The translation of the title of French editions of the book is Angélique and Her Love – a subtle but significant difference from the English version.

Forced to flee her homeland to escape the wrath of the King of France, even as she sails Angélique finds her loyalties are torn once again.

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She is re-united with Rescator, but when she uncovers his unbelievable secret she must overcome a confrontation that puts her whole future in jeopardy.

Angélique realises she must fight for what is hers – and the stakes are very high indeed…

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